Behringers Traube Familie Behringer
Family Behringer


Situated in Southern Germany, on the sunny side of the Black Forest, is a man-made landscape,
known as the “Toskana Deutschlands” :- the Tuscany of Germany.

Gently rolling hills, charming vineyards, and together with the Black Forest this makes a nice
contrast to one another, and situated in the middle is Badenweiler and Behringer`s Traube.
A paradise where one is able to relax and to recharge ones´ batteries. The climate for example,
in comparison to that of Great Britain, is warmer in summer and colder in winter.

An oasis of well-being with a Mediterranean flair. This makes it ideal, whether it is only for a weekend, a short-term or a long-term holiday.

We welcome you with a warm hospitality, so that each day will be like an adventure.
We look forward to your visit.

Family Behringer
and team.

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